This village is familiar to tourists primarily for the Macocha Abyss which lies in its land registry area.

The sacred site Krchůvek, where those who died from the plague in 1715 are buried, is in the upper part of the village on the crossroads to Krasová and Jedovnice. The chapel in the village square was built in 1725 as a mark of gratitude by those who survived the plague epidemic. It is consecrated to Saint Peter of Alcantara. The people of Vilémovice also took an oath to perform a pilgrimage of gratitude to Holy Hill in Olomouc on the Day of the Holy Spirit every year.

The village lies in the Moravian Karst protected landscape area 10 km to the east of Blansko at an altitude of 497 metres above sea level. A touch of beauty is provided to the village square by a small fishpond made from a converted fire brigade reservoir in 2006. Water is extremely rare in the karst and disappears in the middle of the village in a system of caves. There are a large number of interesting karst formations in the surrounding area – sink holes, karren, caves and the world-famous Macocha Abyss.

Vilémovice is a small village, though its strategic location (around 1.5 km from the Macocha Abyss, with other caves open to the public within 10 km) makes it a good starting point for exploration on foot and by bike.
There is a scooter hire shop in the village with scooters for those of all ages (also offering accessories and servicing). You can also visit the beekeeping store, where year-round courses are held. The educational trail Vilémovice – Gateway to the Moravian Karst, established by the civic association A Bee for the Moravian Karst, was opened in 2008 on the occasion of the Hope Run event.