The village of Olomučany lies in the “Forest Pantheon”. The inhabited part of the village lies on the slopes and in the valley of a stream that forms the left tributary of the River Svitava.

The local authority is located in one building along with the Museum of Olomučany Ceramics. There is a monument with a bust of Josef Hybeš in front of the entrance.

The local church is found in the lower part of the village. It was built in 1939–1940 and is consecrated to The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (The Divine Heart of Our Lord). There are two bells – Saint Michael (300 kg) and Saint John the Baptist (350 kg) – in the tower, cast in Brno in 1918. The church is illuminated at night.

There is also a bell tower in the middle of the village. The date on the cross at the top of the tower indicates that it was built in 1761. A metal cross with Jesus from 1862 stands in front of the bell tower.