Podvrší – Veselice lookout point
This famous lookout point stands on the hill Podvrší (590 metres) around half a kilometre from Veselice. The lookout point has been located on the reinforced concrete telecommunications tower since 2001 and has a walkway located at a height of 32 metres above the surrounding terrain. It is open from May to October every year or following individual agreement. It is operated by Vavřinec village council.
The Alexandrova observation tower
The oldest stone observation tower in the Blansko region, which has had a rather turbulent history, has stood on the hill Špičák (496 metres) overlooking Adamov for 125 years. Following extensive reconstruction in 2009, it now has a walkway at a height of almost 14 metres above the surrounding terrain. It offers interesting views of the Svitava Valley and the surrounding forests. It is open to the public all year round.
Babí Lom u Brna
This fifteen-metre-high observation tower was built not far from Lelekovice in 1961 on the southern peak of the rocky ridge of Babí Lom (562 metres) on a site where a gazebo once stood. The observation tower is open to the public all year round. The designs for the fifteen-metre concrete tower were drawn up by the architect Mojmír Korvas from Brno and the building work performed by members of the sports club Sokol Lelekovice, who carried more than a hundred cubic metres of sand, stone and other material to the top of the ridge themselves.

Malý Chlum
The nine-metre-high observation tower on the hill Malý Chlum (488 metres) near Obora was built in July 2005 by carpenter Jan Opatřil from Doubravice nad Svitavou. The project was initiated by the Svitava Federation. This simple all-wood structure has two lookout platforms accessible by ladders and is open all year round.
Spešov observation tower
A wooden observation tower 7.7 metres high has been open in Spešov since 1 September 2012. The work was designed by Ing. Miloš Bacík, is open to the public, and is located not far from Spešov outdoor swimming pool on the field track known as Polodíly. You can leave your car at the car park by the swimming pool and get to the observation tower on foot along the marked forest path. The observation tower offers excellent views of the landscape from Blansko to Obora and the observation tower on the Malý Chlum hill.