– entry portal to the Moravian Karst

The Moravian Karst is widely recognised as the most important karst area in Central Europe and attracts tourists from all over the world with its distinctive and unique nature and more than a thousand caves, five of which are open to the public.
Come and see the interesting features and beauty spots of the Blansko region for yourselves. They can be explored at any time of the year.
  • Blansko - Gateway to the Moravian KarstBlansko - Gateway to the Moravian Karst

    15. 01. 2014

    Blansko is known as the gateway to the Moravian Karst, and with good reason. It offers tourists a highly developed tourist infrastructure and many high-quality accommodation facilities and restaurants.

  • The Zwettl Altar in AdamovThe Zwettl Altar in Adamov

    15. 01. 2014

    The Neo-Gothic Saint Barbara’s Church in Adamov is home to a rare artistic jewel – the seven-metre carved wooden Zwettl Altar, originally from the Cistercian Abbey in Zwettl, Austria.

  • Rájec nad Svitavou ChateauRájec nad Svitavou Chateau

    15. 01. 2014

    An extremely valuable complex in architectural terms with luxurious interiors. The original Renaissance chateau was converted into a Classicist chateau in the French style, inspired by the architecture of the age of Louis XVI.

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