The village of Senetářov can be found on the road connecting the district town Blansko to Vyškov.

Senetářov is famous throughout the whole of Moravia and the Czech Republic for the construction of a modern chapel built during the difficult times of Normalisation (1969–1971). The plans for the new chapel were drawn up by the artist Ludvík Kolek from Brno, who also produced the altar triptych. The chapel’s foundation stone, with the inscription “In the Name of the Lord” was laid in June 1969 in the presence of large numbers of believers. Another famous artist to work on the building was Member of the Academy and painter Mikuláš Medek who produced the Way of the Cross. Holy mass was held in the new chapel for the first time on 11 July 1971, though the new Saint Joseph’s Chapel was not consecrated by Bishop Vojtěch of Brno until 7 July 1991.

Another dominant landmark in the village is the Museum of Traditional Living and Mother-of-pearl. The museum is an example of a typical Central Moravian farm settlement with a thatched hip roof. The museum features a permanent exhibition of mother-of-pearl which was restored in 2010, and indeed the whole museum underwent renovation and additional premises were made open to visitors.