The village of Vavřinec lies 40 kilometres to the north of Brno in the South Moravian Region. It is made up of four local parts – Vavřinec, Veselice, Suchdol and Nové Dvory.

The highest point in the village is the hill known as Podvrší in the Veselice land registry area at 590 metres above sea level. A telecommunications tower with a lookout point stands on the hill. A large part of the village lies in the Moravian Karst protected landscape area. Pustý Žleb and Suchý Žleb (Desolate Glen and Dry Glen) are to be found in the Suchdol area on the southeast edge of the village. In addition to the world-famous Punkva Caves and Katherine Cave, the part of the village known as Suchdol is also the site of the entry tunnel to the Amateur Caves – the most extensive subterranean system in the Czech Republic.

All four parts of the village are characterised primarily by the quality of the local environment. A number of small fishponds, offering the chance of sports angling and swimming, can be found in the village and the immediate surrounding area. The most important tourist destination in the village is the Podvrší lookout point which has become extremely popular. The ruins of Blansko Castle, probably established in the middle of the twelfth century, are also located here and can be reached from Nové Dvory along the path lined by the Theresian linden avenue.