The small town of Jedovnice lies around 25 km from the South Moravian metropolis of Brno in close proximity to Blansko. Its geographical location and the unusually magnificent local countryside make Jedovnice an important centre of recreation, tourism and water sports whose fame far exceeds the borders of the region and, indeed, the Czech Republic. The number of permanent inhabitants of Jedovnice is around 2,700.

The first written records of Jedovnice date back to 1269. Records on the transfer of the estate show that a church stood here as early as in the thirteenth century. The present Church of Saints Peter and Paul was built in the years 1783 to 1785, though the foundations of the tower date back to 1681. Practically the entire town was destroyed by an enormous fire on 7 May 1822. The church’s shingle roof was destroyed by the fire and its four bells melted in the heat. The organ and the painting on the main altar were also destroyed. A new main altar in a pseudo-Gothic style was erected in 1873, its painting of Saints Peter and Paul the work of Member of the Academy Emil Pirchan from Vienna. This altar was replaced by a new altar by the artists Mikuláš Medek and Jan Koblasa from Prague in 1963. Further alterations in the nave were performed by the artist Ludvík Kolek from Brno.

Jedovnice offers visitors a wide range of water sports and recreation on the banks of the largest fishpond in the country – Olšovec (42 hectares). Surfing and sports angling are possible here, in addition to swimming and rowing.
Visitors seeking quiet relaxation and lovers of unspoiled nature can enjoy walks in the peaceful area around the fishponds known as Budkovan and Dubový, the Rakovec Valley nature park and the exquisite forests to the south of the recreation area. This entire area is practically untouched by civilisation which means that many unique plant species survive here and that breeding sites are provided for water birds. The forests bordering the recreation area are also famous for their large numbers of mushrooms.

International motorboat races are held here every year as European Championship events. The clearance of the Olšovec fishpond is something of a tradition in Jedovnice and attracts large numbers of visitors every year. Even for those who don’t like fish on the menu, the fishpond clearance is certainly an interesting spectacle. It is traditionally held in October.