Rudice has a long tradition of iron production and mining that stretches right back to 1247. It lies in the middle of the Moravian Karst. Its largest site of natural interest is undoubtedly the twelve-kilometre-long cave system of the Rudice Sink with the deepest dry gorge in the country (153 metres). The cave is formed by Jedovnice Stream which disappears into a blind valley beneath ground not far from Rudice before emerging to the surface again at Býčí Skála (Bull Rock) in the Josefov Valley not far from Adamov. The cave system leads directly beneath the village – the Rudice Chamber is situated almost exactly beneath Dělnický Dům and the Tumperk restaurant.

Above the sink, you can take a walk through the exquisite scenery of the Kolíbky (Cradle) Rocks which have become popular with television crews shooting fairytales. The area around Rudice, surrounded by forest, picturesque lakes and traces of the mining work of past centuries, is attractive for quiet walks away from the north of the Moravian Karst that receives the largest numbers of tourists.

The Rudice lakes, the Seč quarry (with layers of iron ore and geodes), the little Chapel of Saint Anthony, the Chapel of Saint Barbara, the Kolíbky Rocks, the Rudice Sink – Býčí Skála (Bull Rock) cave system and other areas of natural interest and works of human ingenuity are certainly worth a look and a visit.

Rudice loves to welcome hikers, cyclists and (in the winter) cross-country skiers. It certainly has plenty to offer families with children, for whom a visit to the Windmill Museum is an unforgettable experience. The windmill is one of the dominant landmarks in Rudice and home to a museum of the history of the village and a permanent exhibition of speleology, mineralogy and the history of the iron industry and mining.

Rudice is also one of the stops along the European Iron Trail, an international project that will acquaint you with the rich tradition of iron production in the region, and the educational trail Through the Heart of South Moravia. You can also set out on a seven-kilometre walk along the educational trail The Jedovnice Fishponds and the Rudice Sink which begins at the windmill, features thirteen information panels and continues through the magical Kolíbky Valley to the sink. The walk along Jedovnice Stream ends at the Olšovec fishpond.