The small town of Černá Hora is around 20 km north of Brno and has a population of around 2,000.

Černá Hora was established on the trading route from Brno to Prague on the southeast edge of the Paseka Hill, on a spur of which there stands a chateau, originally a castle first mentioned in 1279. From the beginning of the fourteenth century Černá Hora was held by the distinguished Černohorský family from Boskovice which left an important mark on its history. Albrecht Černohorský of Boskovice converted the Gothic castle into a Renaissance chateau in the years 1560–1572, and at the turn of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries they established the Boskovice brewery which brews excellent beer to this day. The family held Černá Hora until 1597, when it was taken over by the Liechtensteins.

In 1859, the estate was obtained by the Fries family which rebuilt the chateau according to plans by the Viennese architect Theophil Hansen and later expanded the brewery. The chateau was taken over by the state after the Second World War and has been an old people’s home since 1950.

Černá Hora is a catchment village with good civic amenities, while its beautiful landscape is enjoyed by hikers and cyclists and sports enthusiasts are welcomed by the sports centre by Oborský Lake. The village can offer everyone friendly restaurant facilities, including the new hotel and leisure complex Hotel Sladovna. The most important sites in the village include Černá Hora Chateau and the Chapel of the Holy Family from 1725 on the summit Paseka. Saint Lawrence’s Church, built in 1710, is currently under repair. The distinguished people born here include the historian and genealogist Josef Pilnáček (1883–1952).

The Černá Hora Brewery
The Černá Hora Brewery is the oldest brewery in operation in Moravia and has retained its historical appearance to this day. Traditional technology used in the production of beer, built over the course of the centuries by generations of brewers, has been preserved at the brewery. During a tour of the brewery, you can visit historical plants and plants equipped with modern technology, and find out all the important facts about the history of the brewery and the production of beer and malt.
In addition to beer, the Černá Hora Brewery also makes fizzy drinks that are characterised by the fact that they are flavoured with hops. This is patent-protected exclusively for the Černá Hora Brewery.

Beer Fair
The Černá Hora Brewery has been holding a regular Beer Fair on the brewery premises since 1996. The Beer Fair is always held on the last Saturday in September in what is known as Saint Wenceslas Week. The Beer Fair has become extremely popular and is visited by several thousand Černá Hora beer enthusiasts every year.