Bořitov is one of the larger villages in the Blansko region with a population of 1,238. Local organisations offer a wide range of sports opportunities, while a great many interesting events are organised by the local cultural committee. The area around the village, with the hills Velký Chlum and Malý Chlum and a number of other tourist destinations, is ideal for long walks.

The two Chlum hills are the dominant feature of the entire central part of the district. They both have steep slopes and a summit formed by a relatively level plateau, for which reasons the tops of both hills were used at various times during the prehistoric age for the construction of fortifications that served as military and administrative centres for the surrounding agricultural area. The larger and more famous of these was the fort on Malý Chlum (better known as Holý or Bare Chlum). Settlement of the fort has been dated back to the Late Bronze Age. Remnants of the fort’s stone walls and a winding staircase built right into the solid rock can be seen on the southern edge of the plateau to this day.
A wooden observation tower was built on the summit of Malý Chlum in 2005. Admission to the observation tower is free and at your own risk. The observation tower is open all year round.

The most important site in the village is Saint George’s Church which dates back to the year 1200. The tower was evidently added in 1305. Scenes depicting Saint George’s battle with the dragon and scenes from the life of Christ and the saints can be seen in Gothic wall paintings in the church. The remnants of a Gothic wall painting depicting Saint Nicholas and the Angel have been preserved in the side Saint Anne’s Chapel. A Romanesque wall painting depicted Saint Christopher has been preserved in the nave.

The sculptural group of Jan Žižka, Jan Hus and Prokop Holý by Stanislav Rolínek, carved into the sandstone on the northern face of Velký Chlum, is an architectural relic of great importance.