Blansko – Caroline Meineke Memorial
Caroline was the wife of the future King of England William IV. She died in Blansko, and her story of unrequited love is commemorated by a memorial near Saint Martin’s Church.
Olomučany – Memorial to Karel Hynek Mácha
Located in the “Forest Pantheon”, it was built in honour of the memory of the author of “Máj” (“May”). The walls of the memorial are decorated with verses from this work.

The Křenek Memorial
This memorial is found on the route of the educational trail Macocha near the highest point of Chobot. It bears the name of the famous rambler and propagator of the Moravian Karst who died in Auschwitz.

The Hradská Cesta (Castle Path) Memorial
An interesting monument with a sundial, featuring quotes from Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev and Anatole France, located on the path from Olomučany to Nový Hrad.

Blansko – War Allegory
A unique two-ton cast-iron sculpture cast in the Blansko ironworks in 1918, originally intended for Trident (now Trento) in northern Italy. The motif of this huge sculpture is Ares, the God of War, resting on his war trophies. It was not installed at its originally intended site in view of calamitous events at the end of the First World War. This interesting monument is now found in a little park by the head offices of the company ČKD Blansko on the bank of the River Punkva.

Blansko – Memorial to the Peasantry
An unusual form of reminder to the ancient history of Blansko and, in particular, the peasant homesteads that used to stand on the site of what is now Náměstí Svobody. The memorial takes the form of a bronze sculpture of foals, a relief plaque depicting the occasion when Emperor Joseph II tried his hand at ploughing a field, and symbolic horseshoes with the names of three peasant homesteads that no longer exist, set into the paving on the square. The memorial was created by J. and A. Cetkovský, descendents of one of Blansko’s old peasant families.

Bořitov – sculptural group of the Hussites
A sculptural group of Jan Žižka, Jan Hus and Prokop Holý carved into the sandstone on the northern face of Velký Chlum in 1927 by Stanislav Rolínek that is often sought out by tourists. The talented and self-taught Rolínek used merely a fireman’s axe and half of a pair of sheep shears to create this work, which aroused a great response at the time. It can be easily reached by the forest path marked in green just 3 km from Bořitov, or a similar distance along the red path from Obora.

The Forest Pantheon
The Forest Pantheon can be found in the woods of Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry, administered by the Masaryk Forest University Forestry Enterprise, Křtiny, which stretch from the northern edge of Brno as far as Blansko. The pantheon is a globally unique group of more than seventy memorials, commemorative plaques, gazebos and wells dedicated to famous foresters and university professors responsible for furthering scientific knowledge of the forests and the development of forestry and to artists whose work has been inspired by the beauty of forests and the natural world. The first monuments were established here in 1929, and the largest numbers are found in the Adamov, Olomučany and Křtiny areas, both along the routes of footpaths and off the beaten track.