The famous ruins of a Gothic castle (also known as Blansek) from the thirteenth century on a limestone spur above Pustý Žleb (Desolate Glen) five kilometres northeast of Blansko on the hillside opposite the entrance to the Punkva Caves. It became a ruin during the turbulent post-Hussite period some time in the middle of the fifteenth century.

Nový Hrad (New Castle)
The ruins of a large Gothic castle four kilometres south of Blansko. In addition to the well-preserved outer ward, the extensive site also contains small remnants of the original Starý Hrad (Old Castle). Nový Hrad was burnt down and left in ruins during the Thirty Years’ War. It later underwent architectural alterations. The current owners are trying to return the castle to its original form. Open day events are held irregularly at the castle. A number of films and television fairytales have been filmed at the castle.

The ruins of a castle in the Holštejn Valley around 2.5 km from Sloup. The Hladomorna Cave, in which many human bones, objects, pieces of clothing and medieval weapons have been found, is located near the castle. 

Čertův Hrádek (Devil’s Castle)
The ruins of a Gothic castle with an obscure history in the Olomučany land registry area around three kilometres south of the middle of Blansko. A number of legends are associated with this mysterious castle. Výrova Skála (Owl Rock), interestingly shaped by frost, can be found not far from the castle.