Rudice – brick windmill
This windmill of the Dutch type is now a permanent exhibition of the history of the town, mineralogy, speleology, the iron industry, metallurgy and mining. A geological park is open on the mill grounds.

Ostrov u Macochy – brick windmill
A windmill of the Dutch type now in private ownership.

Petrovice – brick windmill
A converted mill of the Dutch type – one of the oldest surviving mills in the area.

Šošůvka – brick windmill
A mill of the Dutch type. Only the circular foundations remain.

Josefov – Františčina Huť
An original blast furnace established in 1748 – a “Belgian” type of furnace. Today, it is the oldest surviving furnace in Central Europe. The whole grounds, including the surrounding buildings, were declared the first technical reservation in the Czech Republic. A permanent exhibition on the iron industry from the Technical Museum in Brno can be visited in the administration building. There are also other ironworks in Blansko – Klamovka, Paulinka and Mariánská.

Černá Hora – Manor Brewery
Established in around 1530. It still produces beer of excellent quality to this day.

Lipovec – the Velká Dohoda lime works
A well-preserved lime works building from 1927 that was operational until the end of the nineteen seventies. A footpath marked in green leads from Lipovec to the lime works.

Blansko – Klamovka
The only one of the old Salm ironworks in Blansko to survive to this day, built in 1853–1855 in the Neo-Gothic style. It later served as a turbine testing laboratory, where Viktor Kaplan himself performed trials. The ironworks is one of the stops along The Iron Trail through the Moravian Karst.

Blansko – the Ježek railway bridge
A 140-year-old riveted truss railway bridge built originally over the River Berounka on the Prague – Plzeň line, brought to Blansko in around 1911 and used by the company K. and R. Ježek as a siding bridge over the River Svitava. It was moved to a neighbouring plot of land as a technical monument in 2009 during alterations to the riverbed. The bridge is in the care of the civic association of railway history enthusiasts Kolejová o.s.