The Hořice Ski Centre, Blansko
The ski centre is 20 km from Brno in Hořice, Blansko. It has two platter-lift ski tows with speed regulation of a length of 190 and 320 metres and a children’s ski lift. The ski slopes are covered with artificial snow and dressed by a snow truck. The centre has artificial lighting for evening skiing. There are refreshments at the centre and a restaurant at a distance of 200 metres from the upper ski tow. You can also find sports equipment rental at the centre.
Free parking is provided at a car park on the edge of Hořice. You can also use South Moravian Region Integrated Transport System bus no. 152.
Altitude: 460–555 metres above sea level
2 ski tows: Husky (190 metres) and Malamute (320 metres)
Downhill ski runs 0.3 and 1.3 km in length
Cross-country ski tracks 3 km in length
tel: +420 608 608 560

The closest ski centres:
Olešnice na Moravě Ski Centre –
Hodonín u Kunštátu Ski Centre –


Marked ski track – the Suchý circuit (white)
Total length – 11.6 km
Difficulty – the Suchý ski track runs largely over local communications maintained merely by snowplough, mainly on forest paths in the beautiful natural surroundings of the local forest. The track is designed as a circuit and can be taken in both directions.
Lowest point – 660 metres, the village Suchý
Highest point – 729 metres, beneath the summit of Skalky
Marking – white band ski mark (centre stripe white, outer stripes orange)
The village Suchý is set in the beautiful forests of the Drahany Highlands. The highest peak in the Drahany Highlands – Skalky – is around just two kilometres from the village. Suchý is known primarily as a recreation centre, dominated by a fishpond that covers around six hectares. The village boasts both extremely unpolluted air and excellent snow conditions and favourable terrain for cross-country skiing. The starting point of the circuit is the new information centre (multi-purpose building) in Suchý that is to serve for both winter tourism and summer recreation. Visitors can change here and store their things in secure lockers. The building also has parking spaces for around 150 cars. There are a number of refreshment points along the ski track, such as the ATHENA Pension which also offers accommodation. You can also visit the U Žampacha restaurant, the Sokolovna restaurant or the Pension u Petra. Follow the green tourist marks and cycle path 5227 along the embankment of Suchý fishpond for around 300 metres. Cross the local communication, leave the green tourist marks and cycle path 5227 and keep to cycle path 505 and the yellow tourist marks for around 1.5 km. After entering the forest, follow the marks to the left on the other side of the barrier. After about 1 km, you will reach a forest signpost where you should turn to the left again and go up the gentle hill. You will pass a forester’s cabin (known as Soví Boudka) on the right and then reach a crossroads after around 100 metres where you should turn to the right and continue in the direction of Skalky. Turn to the left at the water tank at the crossroads towards the Meteorological Station (signposted as the highest peak of the Drahany Highlands – Skalky). Continue from here in the direction of Benešov, turn left before the first timbered house towards the electric fence and continue along the electric fence to the main road in the direction of Benešov – Suchý. Here you can cross the road along the route in the direction of Přibytá and the Athéna Pension, continue along the marked route to Suchý information centre. You can also go through the forest alongside the main road taking the driven track and get back to Pension U Petra in the village of Suchý.
You can find other marked tracks in the Drahany Highlands at
Vranov – Brno-Lesná cross-country track (green)
Length 19 km.
This track leads from the public transport bus stop at the end of the line in Vranov along the path marked in red in the direction of Nový Hrad. After turning off the red track from the forest asphalt path, continue along the ski track marked in green to the upper end of Vranov by the gamekeeper’s lodge. Then take the footpath marked in yellow in the direction of Adamov to the Hemzalův Bridge information point and continue along the hard forest path along the ski track path marked in green as far as the northern edge of Útěchov. The ski track marked in green goes round the western edge of this part of Brno and continues along forest paths to the southern edge of Soběšice. It crosses the Soběšice – Královo Pole road here. The forest path along the Soběšice – Husovice road leads to the northern edge of Lesná and its housing development to the last public transport bus stop on the line in Haškova Street.
Maintained cross-country ski routes that are not marked

Sloup – Vlčí Skála
An undemanding cross-country route also suitable for children (the route is almost flat) around four kilometres long. Two tracks are generally available as well as space for skating – the route leads along a field alongside the narrow asphalt road to Vlčí Skála. There is a free car park by Kulturní Dům (House of Culture) or the church in Sloup, around 200 metres between the houses from the beginning of the route.

Bořitov Airfield
The starting point for this route is 300 metres outside Bořitov in the direction of Obora next to two aircraft hangars. The four-kilometre route leads around the circumference of the airfield area.

Jedovnice – Kotvrdovice – Kojál
Blansko – Hořice (these routes are not maintained in 2013)


Blansko ice-skating rink
The ice-skating rink in Blansko is part of the Ludvík Daněk Sports Island which provides visitors with diverse sports opportunities throughout the year. Regular skating for the public at the weekend according to the current skating schedule.
The indoor ice stadium can accommodate around 1,800 viewers, with seating for 300. The ice surface is 29.4 × 59.4 metres in size.
The venue also has new cloakrooms, showers and washrooms. A new restaurant right in the ice stadium building is open during and after events.
At times when the ice surface is not in operation, an artificial surface is installed to make the venue available for use all year round. This is used primarily for sports activities, though cultural and social events are sometimes held here.

Two ice surfaces are designed for skating – the public ice surface at the P. Jilemnický sports centre and the ice-skating rink Na Horce (the “Sklaďák” landfill). These venues being open to the public is dependent on current climatic conditions. You can find up-to-date details on both ice-skating rinks and information on opening hours at

The TJ Sloup ice hockey centre (near the car park by the administration building at the Sloup-Šošůvka Caves). Free admission to the public. The centre is not open to the public during the hockey training and matches of TJ Sloup teams.

Skating on the fire reservoir. In view of the size of the reservoir, the site is suitable primarily for children.

Skating is possible in Rájec-Jestřebí only during suitable climatic conditions (freezing weather). The ice-skating rink in the part of the village known as Rájec is at the Sokolovna (Fügnerova Street). Skating in Jestřebí is on the small football pitch at the Na Rybníčku sports grounds. There is also skating on the small football pitch at the V Betlémě sports grounds in Holešín and on the lake in Karolín.

Skating is possible on the frozen Olšovec fishpond. No checks are performed on the thickness of the ice, and skating here is at your own risk.