Blansko Museum is located at Blansko Chateau and offers permanent exhibitions on regional topics: The Moravian Karst, The Oldest Ironworks, The History of Blansko Castle, Decorative and Utility Castings of the 19th and 20th Centuries, Historical Interiors and The History of Measurement Instruments. It also has a new and unusual exhibition hall known as the “Chateau Cellar”.

A permanent exhibition of “Olomučany Ceramics” in the building of the local authority.

The speleology museum on the first floor of Obecní Dům can be visited on open days and, at other times, following agreement on the telephone number 720 460 431.

The dominant landmark of the village is the Windmill – a museum of the history of the village with a permanent exhibition of speleology, mineralogy and the history of iron working and mining. The local geological park displays natural samples of rock, a replica of a peasant limekiln and a charcoal works with a charcoal kiln.

A museum of traditional living, button-making and mother-of-pearl in an original earthen cottage (farm settlement) with a thatched roof.

Františčina Huť – a permanent exhibition of the iron industry from the Technical Museum in Brno. web

Černá Hora
The Museum of Brewing is found in historical cellars beneath Hotel Sladovna. A permanent exhibition of the history of beer production from historical times to the present day.