The educational trail Macocha (6 km, 16 stops)
Set out from Skalní Mlýn in the direction of the Katherine Cave. Don’t let yourself be put off by the incline between Suchý Žleb and Pustý Žleb on the path known as Chobot, as this will take you to the upper observation platform at the Macocha Gorge. When you have had your fill of the view into the ravine, which has become the last resting place for many suicides, your next steps will take you to the lookout point at Koňský Spád. From here you can walk down into the valley of Pustý Žleb where you will find the lower stop of the cabin cableway, the entry to the Punkva Caves and the boat pier. Finally, set out in the direction taken by the colourful ecological train back to Skalní Mlýn.
You can find a map of the educational trail Macocha here

The educational trail Josefov (10 km, 24 stops)
Your fairytale ramble begins at the U Sedmi Dubů (Seven Oaks) crossroads near Adamov. This path offers you the chance of becoming acquainted with the romance of the Josefov Valley which is famous for its underground war factories. You will find yourselves by the Býčí Skála (Bull Rock) Cave and be treated to a view of the spot where Jedovnice Stream comes to the surface.
You can find a map of the educational trail Josefov here
The educational trail The Rudice Sink and the Jedovnice Area (9 km, 13 stops)
Set out from the square in Jedovnice along the famous fishponds Olšovec and Budkovan. Following the Jedovnice Stream downstream you will get to the fascinating Rudice Sink. Head back to Jedovnice from Rudice.
You can find a map of the educational trail here

The educational trail The Rudice Mines (5 km, 12 stops)
This educational trail focusing on the relics of ancient mining in Rudice and the surrounding area begins at the windmill in Rudice. The black-and-green markings with the mining symbol of crossed hammers will lead you along an undemanding circuit trail. An ideal path for families with small children. The trail can be undertaken with the help of a printed guide that is available from the Windmill Information Centre in Rudice.

The educational Iron Trail through the Moravian Karst (30 km, 27 stops)
The trail was established in 2003. It has five circuits and is part of the route system known as the European Iron Trail. The starting points are Blansko, Olomučany, Rudice, Jedovnice, Křtiny, Habrůvka, Adamov and Babice nad Svitavou. This educational trail focuses on the history of iron working and the mining of iron ore in the Moravian Karst.

The archaeological trail Bořitov (10 stops)
The archaeological trail was completed in 2012. Ten trail panels describing sites of interesting archaeological findings and Neanderthal, Celtic and Slavic villages and settlements are located in the Bořitov area.

Kotvrdovice Ancient and Modern
This educational trail is comprised of two circuits five kilometres long and is accompanied by thirteen information panels. The starting point for the trail is the information panel in the local park. Rest areas have been established at many points along the route.

The Olomučany Foot Trail
The Olomučany Foot Trail is an undemanding educational foot trail of a total length of 3.3 km with six rest points with information panels on which you can read interesting information about Olomučany, the history of Olomučany and Čertův Hrádek and the wells in the area. Seating is available by the information panels.
Three guides will lead you along a footpath marked with a yellow symbol. The Knight will take you from Čertův Hrádek, which you can get to from Blansko or Nový Hrad along the footpath marked in green, to the village of Olomučany. The Woodcutter will welcome you to the middle of Olomučany, reached by car or bus, and take you to the lookout point “Na Bačině” which offers a beautiful view of Olomučany and Blansko. The third guide, the Forester, will be waiting for you at the U Tetřeva well, which you can reach along the yellow trail from the “Na Bačině” lookout point. You can continue along the green foot trail to Nový Hrad or Čertův Hrádek and on to Blansko.