The Výpustek Cave

The unique complex of extensive underground spaces in the Výpustek Cave, known since the Middle Ages, was severely affected during the twentieth century, first by the extraction of phosphate soils, later by military production for Nazi Germany during the Second World War, and finally by the actions of the Czechoslovak Army. 

An underground nuclear shelter and a top-secret command post, which remained operational until it was definitely abandoned by the army in 2001, was built in one of the labyrinth’s passageways in the nineteen sixties. The shelter has been preserved in its original form and is now part of the tour route.

During a tour of the cave, visitors can see the large permanent exhibitions “The Výpustek Cave in the Křtiny Valley” and “Cave of Ancient Rituals”, presenting Výpustek as the oldest known cave in the Moravian Karst, a cave of “Dragons and Unicorns”, a bear cave and a cave inhabited by prehistoric man.

Live music concerts are held in the cave. In the summer season, the amateur dramatics group Křový from Křtiny gives performances of “The Living Past” here.

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